Observations on a Tuesday

There was this brown-skin middle-aged woman on the train who was huffing and carrying on because some younger woman was standing in front of where the older woman was sitting. The young woman’s backpack kept swinging near the older woman and she’d huff and roll her eyes again.

The train was crowded with people sleepily reading the Metro Express newspaper. The rocking of the train and the rain tapping the windows had a calming effect on me but this woman, I wondered what would have caused such a sense of disdain for the world around her. The man in front of me sat adjacent to her, perpendicular to her. He slumped further in his seat, pushing his long legs closer toward her and she gave him the same look. I noticed his knee was about three inches from her leg. She folded her newspaper forcefully to get his attention, I am sure, yet he paid her no attention as he nodded off into a cautious nap.

A black woman stood nearby and I watched her watching all this like I was. She looked up, catching my eye and smiled at the scene. I rolled my eyes and she stifled a short laugh into her sleeve to avoid the other woman’s glare.

My stop came up and I watched as the angry woman was not happy with more people invading her personal space. Mornings on the metro are not always this entertaining but I enjoy watching people’s interaction with one another in this hot brew of society in the morning.

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