Anniversary, pride and the metro

As most of you know, I am a casual observer of people out in public. Over the last few weeks I’ve been seeing interesting people that I wanted to note and share.

Earlier this week I saw a white man wearing a suit, pulling luggage. But the odd thing was the plastic wrapped container of waters and prepared snacks. It was a cellophane wrapped box of prepared snacks. Did he win them in an office lottery? Or was he taking them to his secretary? It was just interesting. Like…

The tall white kid I saw this week that had the biggest Afro I’ve ever seen! (Why did my phone capitalize Afro?). It was bigger than any I’ve ever seen. Snaps to him for the courage to keep it out of all closing metro train doors. That takes balls. And mad skills.

Today I saw an older male couple heading to gay pride. They had their shirts on proclaiming where they were heading. It was awesome. They were easily in their sixties. I Love that they were heading to pride. It made me realize that my Lamentations that pride is a young mans game are false. Yesterday made me think it was way too young for me. Even after seeing all those beautiful young people strutting, I am happy to see these older guys strolling. And like me, observing.

Other stuff: the young person of indistinguishable gender wearing ripped shorts and an attitude for ages. She/he was pretty regardless.

Me in the middle of getting sunburned.

So the realization hit that I moved here a year ago Friday. Seems like longer.

The thing is that I am not particularly happy here. The city is like a cruel mistress. She enticed me with a stunning city filled with trappings of tourism and history.

Her cruelty lay in the fact that this city is very transitory, as people have warned me here. That fact makes people hardened to others and I have witnessed the harshness and meanness that others inflict on newbies. It’s a dog eat dog world and my milk-bone underwear are filled with teeth marks.

My ability to afford the city becomes more suspect with each paycheck. There’s rarely much left for food and with the damned speeding photo-ticket I received in the mail, I may go on a diet that I didn’t intend.

Unfortunately, the combination of all these little things adds up for a serious bout of depression. I am usually a happy person but not these days.
And that brings me back to yesterday. The pretty boys and hot men aren’t looking at me. Even when I was young, I was never that hot!!!

The cruelty isn’t just made from this city but the fates as well. Starting over at this age is no fun. Maybe I can fashion a good book out of it. I guess that means no more laying around feeling sorry for myself. Time to brush off the cobwebs on my typing skills and use my head for something more than a place for my cap.

In the meanwhile, I am going to look at interesting, hot or fun people today. Maybe some will be all three.

At the end of the day it was pretty awesome. Gotta love it when friends keep you smiling and sane.

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One response to “Anniversary, pride and the metro”

  1. Lisa Passmore Keefner Avatar
    Lisa Passmore Keefner

    Sunshine, you’re never too old to start anywhere you choose! You are on no one’s agenda and no one can live your life. Listen to your gut. It’s ALWAYS right. Courage and intrinsic motivation sometimes are hiding but they’re there. You will know!!

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