The CULT of Trump

Another example of the cult of Trump still in action in Georgia. This week, one of my coworkers commented about how Biden is signing everything put before him. When I explained that Trump only signed things the way my coworker was accusing Biden, he couldn’t respond. I pressed him further, asking what did Trump actually do for him? He couldn’t respond until I said the tax bill that gave breaks to the wealthy, he commented that the bill kept our business open. The business has been there for 20 years, so that invalidated his argument.

Folks here are quick to blame Democrats for the ills of the world but they have been the only ones fighting to keep the doors open. Consider the COVID relief bill that only Democrats voted for. Republicans won’t stop until democracy in the United States of America is a thing of the past. By keeping our populace uneducated and willfully ignorant, we cannot fight the direction this country is headed.


One response to “The CULT of Trump”

  1. […] I see that mentality throughout my conversations with people on a near daily basis. I’ve railed about the countless lies that Trump has told these people, but the lack of intellectual curiosity […]

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