What the GOP did while you were on TikTok

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the GOP has been treating you like the proverbial frog in the pot on the stove, slowly turning up the heat. In many states, your freedoms and rights have been slowly stripped away – and you didn’t pay attention. You didn’t notice. You were too busy posting to Instagram and TikTok.

Sure, you’ve seen the Texas Republicans stopping women from getting an abortion. You know: old white guys telling women what they can do with their bodies. Let’s face it, as long as old, married, rich, white guys get their mistresses pregnant, there will be abortions – at least for the wealthy. And it appears the Supreme Court is poised to allow this draconian measure to hold fast. What’s worse is the bill allows for ANYONE to sue the doctor, nurse, cab driver or mother, anyone who played a role in the abortion.

If only Republicans would take care of the children they are forcing to be born to mothers who cannot take care of them. I think for every child born because of this measure, these republican families should be forced to adopt the children.

But have you seen that now a Tennessee town has banned a Pulitzer Prize-winning book from its school’s curriculum? The graphic book, “Maus”, depicts mice as Jews in the holocaust. It makes me want to buy it and send it to a family in that bassakward town. (More about this form of cancel culture in a moment.) Why are they afraid that a kid is going to see a curse word or see a naked mouse?

This is how it starts, people. Next it will be book burning!

Florida is passing a bill that will ban teachers from discussing LGBTQA issues in the classroom. It’s been dubbed the “Don’t say gay” bill. Teachers themselves can be sued by parents for any discussion in the classroom about LGBTQA concerns. What’s worrisome about this is that a majority of teenage suicides are often gay or lesbian or trans youth. A simple chat could save a life.

Indiana, in the meanwhile, is passing a bill that will allow parents to decide what a teacher can teach in his/her classroom. The odd thing is that classroom curriculum are already posted online (the bill is requiring this) but teachers cannot even persuade parents to review their child’s grades or check that their child has completed its homework, so maybe this will go nowhere.

The problem is that teachers can be sued for these issues. The last thing our education system needs is a mass exodus of teachers due to this. We have a teacher shortage and society is already suffering the effects of the cuts to education as it is, we don’t need to lose institutional knowledge in our schools.

And let’s not forget the right wing darling topic right now: critical race theory – or as I like to call it, history! Why is it that anything that makes white people feel uncomfortable, they want to ban?

Why is it that anything that makes white people feel uncomfortable, they want to ban?

– J. Daniel Young

For example: President Biden said on the campaign trail that he would nominate a black female Supreme Court justice. The right is up in arms about it now that Biden has that opportunity to do just that but they forget that Reagan promised to add a woman to the Supreme Court while on the campaign trail – by all accounts just to appease women – and so did Trump. So it’s ok for Republicans to say they want to add a specific type of person to the courts, but it’s not ok for Democrats? Why haven’t we had a true representation of what America looks like in the last two hundred years? Black women? Indians? Muslims? Gays or lesbians?

They call it “cancel culture” when they think liberals are doing it but aren’t seeing that they are projecting this on the rest of us. They are doing the cancelling. They are banning books, forcing their version of religion on the rest of us. They have used Fascist tactics to keep their power. To suppress the vote. To keep black and brown people under their collective heel. To return to a time when no one but rich white men had any power.

I am sure that I will piss off a bunch of the Trump-loving, gun-toting, Republicans in my hometown, but I don’t care. Get out and view the world outside of your tiny mindset!


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