Okefenokee Swamp canoeing trip

Jess and I hit the road in her bright orange Jeep. She commented that she wouldn’t see a alligator because that’s her luck. I assured her that she’d see one as a soon as we arrive.

Much to my surprise, there weren’t a bunch of alligators on the banks of the swamp when we arrived. There was ONE! Just one. Jess said it was fake.

We went into the main building to pay our entrance fees and learned they had a canoeing trip. I had sworn I wouldn’t get into a canoe with the gators in the water. She talked me into it.

The guides helped us into the canoe and pointed us to the area containing an 11 foot critter. I was not happy because dying at the hands or claws or jaws of a gator is not my idea of fun!

Starting the journey I didn’t think I’d survive! See the orange Jeep?

We cruised around the small island at the front of the park, looking for the gator. Jessica repeated that there were no gators. Even when we saw the bubbles surfacing from what just had to be a modern day dinosaur.

The entrance to Jurassic Park! Where’s Jeff Goldblum?
“Abandon all hope…” you know the quote.
Into the swamp! photo curtesy of Jessica

There were times when we couldn’t hear anything, it was pleasantly quiet, you know, except for Jess! (She is so gonna kill me for that.)

I made her do all the work. I believe in women’s lib!

We paused at Mirror Lake. According to the info: Tannic acid in the tea-colored waters of the Okefenokee make it highly reflective.

It lives up to its name.
Mirror Lake and two crazies. Was that banjos I heard?
These beauties were in abundance.
Skull Lake
I wondered why they called it Skull Lake, now I see!
I didn’t know they had a bar!!! Woot!

We pulled over at the Mirror Lake and climbed a watch tower. It was pretty cool, except the whole climbing part.

The tall ass tower we walked up. Oh my knees!
A view down the stairs.
There was a path below we took later.
Had to prove I made it up there.
This is how high up we were.
We made it back to the canoe.

We hiked down a platform trail that looked as if we’d fall in without a moments notice

The planks were right on top of the water.
Walking on water.
Ring my bell!
Gator fight! My finger made an appearance.

We made it back to the main entrance and finally saw some gator!

Thank goodness he wasn’t alive!
Jess played dental hygienist!
Let there be gators!
They call this gator Crazy because he likes to chase people. He had his own luxury accommodations due to his desire to be left alone!
Gator fight, part two!
A spigot in the swamp!

I leave you with the picture above. I asked Jessica why would there be a spigot in the swamp. She said it was to refill it during periods of drought. Ask a stupid question, right?


2 responses to “Okefenokee Swamp canoeing trip”

    1. Thanks. It was a fun trip and the photos turned out great. The silence was strangely comforting.

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